The Full Story


Germany born and LA-based DJ and Music Producer, Cam is rising to the top of the pile in the last decade with creating music that is fun, sexy, inspiring and exciting. A connoisseur of RnB and House music, she enjoys a wide variety of styles from all around the word, and she has been immersing herself in the music world since she was only seven years old. Just as able to work a huge festival crowd as she is to tailor her sounds to more intimate fashion events and underground clubs. She has performed at many clubs, lounges, corporate events, weddings, and entertainment industry parties both private and public.When she is not performing or producing, she is being an inspiration and motivation to the masses.

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Musical Style

Cam’s ultimate goal is to become an internationally renowned DJ and Music Producer in multiple genres. Her most well-known mixes draw from RnB, Hip-Hop, Top 40, House, Pop, and Afro-Beats. She gets excited to see people falling in love and expressing themselves freely and openly.


Cam really is one of the today’s finest musical talents.When not hard at work in the studio, she enjoys fashion, sports, finance, and health and fitness.