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How Beyonce Invests Her Money

Beyoncé is obviously much more than just a singer; she is a real powerhouse.

She is one of the most powerful women in the world and has accomplished much more than she did when a member of Destiny's Child, as AfroTech has previously documented. She has made various investments in businesses, both independently and as a couple with Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, her longterm spouse.

She is a loving mother to her three children beyond anything else. Beyoncé is a mother to twins Rumi and Sir Carter in addition to the lovely Blue Ivy Carter.

She is a woman who has it everything, to put it briefly!

Beyoncé: What is Her Net Worth?

Beyoncé has a $500 million net worth, claims Celebrity Net Worth. She and her billionaire husband, Jay Z, are not only partners in an empire, but she is also one of the richest self-made women in the country at the moment.

By The Numbers

Many of Beyoncé's statistics have previously been broken down by AfroTech.

She is the first Black woman to appear in an advertisement wearing the 128.54 carat Tiffany diamond. She reportedly contributed more than $2 million in media impact value to the brand in 2021.

Additionally, she has participated in investments in a number of businesses, most recently Lemon Perfect's $31 million Series capital round.

Beyoncé has demonstrated that she is always the queen, whether it is through Spotify streaming or YouTube views.

Lemon Perfect

Beyoncé was recently identified as a "significant investor" in Lemon Perfect, a company that sells low-sugar lemon water, as AfroTech previously reported. She wasn't the product's lead investor, but she did participate in the Series A investment, which totaled more than $31M.


Lemon Perfect is not Beyoncé's first investment in a water company. She participated in the WTRMLN WTR seed round investment in 2016, according to CrunchBase.


Beyoncé was apparently listed as one of the investors in the French ready-to-wear company Destree, as AfroTech also recently reported. According to reports, Rihanna is one of the investors.


CrunchBase confirms both parties' investments in Destree even though neither has made an official statement about it and it's not immediately clear how much each contributed.

According to CrunchBase, Beyoncé invested in SideStep, a business that specializes in merchandise for the entertainment industry, back in 2015. She made her first individual investment at the time, and a year later she received the exit.


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