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How Stephen Curry Invests His Money

One of the best shooters to join the NBA is Steph Curry. With his flawless shooting, the 32-year-old star has effectively changed the league and forced other teams to alter their play.

The "Baby faced Assassin" has established himself as the symbol of the Golden State Warriors organization over the past ten years. Curry was given a hefty contract by the Dubs, making him the first player in NBA history to receive a five-year, whopping $201 million super-max deal.

He is worth a staggering $130 million according to the size of his deal. He is not just among the highest-paid athletes on the court, but he has also achieved success off it. Curry has made a number of investments during the past five years, particularly in several tech-related businesses. The top five companies that Steph Curry owns may be seen below.


Steph Curry invested in SnapTravel, an online travel agency, in 2018. Snaptravel "operates like a travel agent online messaging, offering these same fantastic pricing over a private 1:1 chat, while reducing the overhead of a traditional retail store," the website claims.

The website's parent firm, SnapCommerce, has ambitions to grow its product selection soon as well. The first of many tech businesses that Steph would invest in was this website.


The two-time MVP made an investment in Tonal, a smart fitness device for the house, six months ago. The AI-powered device serves as a one-stop shop for all types of at-home workouts. Due to the limits imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic, this was particularly one of the hardest afflicted areas.

Curry even shared his personal experiences with the equipment in a press release. I've had a Tonal for almost two years, he declared. I have significantly relied on it to keep up my strength training while in quarantine during COVID and think it is reinventing how people will exercise in the future.

He wasn't the first NBA star to make the same investment. Along with Curry, other investors in the business include the Clippers' Paul George and the Spurs' Rudy Gay. Along with Serena Williams, another investor is Klay Thompson, a fellow member of the Warriors.


Curry made an investment in the beverage firm Oxigen in October 2020. The business, which was established in 2014 by Formula Four Beverages Inc., is meant to help with muscle recuperation.

Curry discussed his investment in the business in a CNBC interview. He said that the company aligns “with brands and partners that I truly believe in.” He also said that he aims “to make sure that people understand the benefits that the product brings to you beyond just the taste.


Curry made an investment in TSM, an esports group, in 2018. According to Forbes' Matt Perez, he contributed $37 million to the organization's Andy Dinh along with other individuals.

Given the esports industry's recent meteoric rise, the 32-year-old's decision appears to have been brilliant in retrospect. The organization's net worth soared to a whopping $410 million in 2020 from $250 million in 2018, a significant increase.

The esports business is just getting started, and TSM is probably one of the major participants. Curry may have made one of his best career investments with this one.

Unanimous Media

Unanimous Media, Steph Curry's then-newly established media company, and Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a multi-year development and production agreement in April 2018. "Develop and produce film and television programs with a focus on family, faith, and sports themes," is the company's stated mission.

For the well-known OTT platform, Netflix, the media company is currently producing an animated series called Norman Lear's Good Times. The media outlet also collaborates with the industry leader in podcasts, Audible. The collaboration will publish The Greatest Sports Story Never Told and Fifteen Minutes from Home, two original works.

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