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Serena Williams' Investments Made Through Serena Ventures

Serena Williams is retiring from tennis to focus solely on venture capital. Here are some of the investments she has already made, ranging from an NFT wallet to a start-up offering couples therapy.


Serena Williams, a legendary tennis player, declared that she will give up playing to concentrate on venture capital investing.

Williams wrote in a Vogue column that attending a J.P. Morgan Chase conference a few years ago and realizing that fewer than 2% of all VC money went to women gave her the idea to create Serena Ventures, her venture capital firm.

"I kind of understood then and there that someone who looks like me needs to start writing the big checks. Sometimes like attracts like," Williams wrote.

78% of the companies in Serena Ventures' portfolio were founded by women and people of color, according to Williams' essay in Vogue.

The company revealed that it had secured $111 million in outside funding in March to support early-stage startups.

The company claims that when making investment decisions, Williams' "champion mindset" is applied. View a few of the numerous businesses that Serena Ventures has already backed.


Lolli homepage Lolli

Lolli is a browser add-on that enables users to earn incentives when they shop at particular websites in the form of cash or bitcoin. Nike, Staples, Sephora, and StubHub are a few of Lolli's partners. According to Crunchbase, Lolli has raised more than $20 million in funding. Through his own venture fund, 776, Williams' husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian also contributes to Lolli.


Masterclass website Masterclass

On the online learning platform MasterClass, professionals who have achieved success in their industries teach lessons. Examples include Alicia Keys' songwriting, a science lesson taught by Bill Nye, and a class on inclusive leadership offered by former President Bill Clinton. MasterClass has monthly plans starting at $15.


Tonal homepage Tonal

Similar to Peloton, Tonal is a home gym system that provides streamable strength training classes. Along with MasterClass and Impossible Foods, Serena Ventures has invested in 16 unicorns, or businesses valued at more than $1 billion. One of these companies is Tonal. The price of Tonal's equipment, excluding membership and accessories, is $3,495.


OURS website OURS

We at OURS refer to our premarital and relationship therapy as "contemporary." OURS provides content-based sessions hosted via the company's technology in addition to live, virtual therapy sessions. Serena Williams stated in a statement announcing her investment, "Research shows that relationships are the most important factor to our overall health and wellbeing, which is an area that I'm hyper-focused on in my personal life."


Clubhouse website Clubhouse

Users of the audio-only social media app Clubhouse can host or join "rooms," which are gatherings of many people to converse. According to Crunchbase, Clubhouse has garnered $110 million in investment since its meteoric rise to fame in 2021.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest website Daily Harvest

Healthy frozen foods and smoothies can be ordered through the subscription service Daily Harvest and delivered right to your door. In order to preserve flavor and nutrients, Daily Harvest claims to freeze products at "peak ripeness." From a portobello and pesto flatbread to an avocado and greens smoothie, there are many alternatives on the menu.

Infinite Objects

Infinite Objects website Infinite Objects

According to Infinite Objects, it "prints video." In actuality, Infinite Objects offers consumers a digital frame that enables them to "frame" a loop of their digital recordings. The business gives NFT owners a means to show off their digital creations in the real world.


HUED website HUED

Using education and access, the digital healthcare firm Hued seeks to meet the needs of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people. Kimberly Wilson, a senior editor at Essence Magazine, launched the business.


Banza website Banza

Banza is a brand of gluten-free foods made from chickpeas that includes pasta, pizza, mac and cheese, and rice. There are several grocery stores that sell it, including Whole Foods and Walmart.


Billie website Billie

A direct-to-consumer subscription razor firm called Billie claims it wants to end the "Pink Tax," which occurs when businesses charge more for goods targeted at women. The startup offers body lotion, shaving cream, and razors, all for less than $20.


Nestcoin website Nestcoin

According to Nestcoin, it wants to promote awareness of and adoption of cryptocurrencies among Africans. The business develops and finances cryptocurrency products. It has just debuted Breach, a media platform it thinks will promote cryptocurrency education. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised $6.5 million in investment.


Bitski website Bitski

Bitski is sometimes referred to as "Shopify for NFTs." Bitski is a cryptocurrency wallet that enables users and businesses to make, sell, and buy NFTs. Customers can only use their credit card to purchase NFTs. Along with Serena Williams, Jay-Z is one of the company's investors.


Fiveable website Fiveable

A free social network study platform for students is called Fiveable. Students can set up virtual study spaces with peers and assign homework to hold one another accountable. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised over $15 million in funding.


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