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How Dr. Dre Invests His Money

Whether you like him or not, Dr. Dre has succeeded in life.

The founder of Aftermath Records has undoubtedly come a long way from his glory days with the influential Hip-Hop group, NWA. He became one of the wealthiest hip-hop figures in 2014 as a result of Apple's partnership with Beats by Dre, claims Newsweek. The headphones were purchased by the tech giant for close to $3 billion at the time.

He was allegedly one of Hip-first Hop's billionaires, although that claim was later disproved by a Forbes inquiry.

According to the outlet, "Forbes still doesn't agree with the evaluation made after Apple's $3 billion 2014 purchase of his Beats By Dr. Dre headphone company." "The superproducer held an estimated 20% to 25% of the business at the time; of the $2.6 billion Apple paid up front in cash, another $295 million was set aside to satisfy debt obligations, leaving Dre with little over $500 million."

Despite not becoming a billionaire, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his $780 million net worth places him among the richest hip-hop artists.

Real estate is where Dre has made his money. He bought the former house of Giselle Bundchen & Tom Brady in Brentwood, California, in 2014, the same year that the Beats/Apple agreement was finalized. He paid the property $40 million in cash. Most recently, he made news when he gave the University of Southern California, where his youngest daughter is presently enrolled in undergraduate studies, $70 million.

The person born André Romell Young has shown that your future is more important than your past. Without a question, his shrewd business decisions and street smarts helped him rise to the top.

Here is a quick rundown of Dr. Dre's business investments.

Aftermath Records

Rolling Stone claims that Dr. Dre founded Aftermath Records in 1998. Eminem, 50 Cent & G-Unit, and The Game all saw their careers take off because to Aftermath. Dre made the list of Rolling Stone's Top-Earning Artists for 2001 after selling a stake in Aftermath to Interscope Records for $35 million. Due to a string of mergers and acquisitions, Universal Records eventually came to possess Interscope and rose to the position of largest record label globally. Because of that decision, Universal has earned the moniker "The House That Dre Built" ever since.

Beats by Dre

Dre collaborated with Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Records, to develop the Beats by Dre headphones in 2006. According to Fast Company, the company had $1.4 billion in revenue by 2013. The former frontman of NWA became one of the first billionaires in hip-hop when Apple paid $3 billion for Beats by Dre. As part of the agreement, Dre also received an executive position at Apple.

Beats Music

Dre added the Beats Music streaming service to the Beats brand in 2014. That service is still offered today and was ultimately sold to Apple as a component of the package.

Real Estate

The news of Dr. Dre's divorce from Nicole Young caused his real estate holdings to become widely known. The Youngs will be required to divide $60 million as well as their entire real estate portfolio, according to the most recent divorce decree, The Blast.

A $2.25 million mansion in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles is a part of Dre's real estate portfolio, and he bought it in 2019. It also includes the $4.9 million home in Calabasas, California, which also has a recording studio, as well as the $50 million mega-mansion in Brentwood that Dre acquired from Tom Brady & Giselle Bundchen back in 2014.

Nicole Young and Dre sold their Woodland Hills, California mansion for $4.5 million in August 2019, just before Nicole Young announced her intention to divorce. The Los Angeles Times claims that Dre paid $2.35 million for the house when he first bought it in 1999.


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