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Rihanna's Super Bowl Setlist: What Can We Expect

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Rihanna has been dominating the music industry for over a decade now, and her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl is highly anticipated. The singer has promised to showcase her music and provide fans with an unforgettable experience. With such high expectations, the question on everyone's mind is: what can we expect from Rihanna's Super Bowl setlist?

"It feels like [playing the Super Bowl] could have only been now,” she said during an Apple Music press conference ahead of the big show.

“When I first got the call to do it again this year I was like, ‘Are you sure? I’m three months postpartum. Should I be making major decisions like this right now? I might regret this,'” Rihanna said. “When you become a mom there’s something that happens where you feel like you can take on the world and can do anything. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world. As scary as it was, because I haven’t been on stage in seven years, there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all. It’s important for me to do this year. It’s important for my son to see that.”

Music from Rihanna

Rihanna has been teasing fans about this moment for months, and the excitement for her Super Bowl performance has only grown. The singer has been in the studio working hard on new material, and it's expected that she'll perform some of her hits at the Super Bowl. The highly anticipated performance is expected to feature some of Rihanna's latest songs, including tracks from her 8 historical albums.

Rihanna said the biggest challenge in creating her Super Bowl halftime show has been nailing down a setlist. The show will run 13 minutes, but Rihanna has a career that spans eight albums and 17 years. Cramming all of that material into 13 minutes has been “difficult,” she said. - Variety

“Some songs we have to lose because of that, and that’s going to be okay,” Rihanna continued. “We did a pretty good job at narrowing it down. There’s probably been about 39 versions of the setlist right now. We’re on our 39th. Every little change counts.”

Rihanna said her Caribbean culture will certainly be a huge part of the halftime performance, adding, “That’s a big part of why it’s important for me to do this show. Representing for my country, Barbados. Representing for Black women everywhere. That’s really important.”

Themes of Rihanna's New Music

The themes of Rihanna's music are said to be diverse, exploring everything from love and relationships to social and political issues. Her music is expected to reflect her experiences and thoughts on the world around her. Fans can expect to hear Rihanna's powerful vocals as she tackles these important issues through her music.

“Musically I’m feeling open,” Rihanna teased about new music. “I’m feeling open to exploring, discovering, creating things that are new, things that are different, things that are off, weird. Might not ever make sense to my fans… I want to have fun with music.”

A Fusion of Genres

Rihanna's new music is said to be a fusion of various genres, including pop, R&B, and hip-hop. This diverse blend of styles is expected to create a unique sound that's unlike anything fans have heard from her before. The singer's versatility and creativity are evident in her music, making it a must-listen for music lovers everywhere.

Visuals and Production

In addition to her music, fans can expect to see Rihanna bring her incredible sense of style to the Super Bowl stage. The singer is known for her visually stunning performances, and her Super Bowl performance is expected to be no exception. With state-of-the-art production, fans can expect to be blown away by Rihanna's performance.

The Wait is Almost Over

The anticipation for Rihanna's Super Bowl performance has been building for months, and the wait is almost over. The singer's performance is sure to be a highlight of the night, and fans will be talking about it for years to come.

Rihanna's Super Bowl performance is expected to be a showcase of her music and her incredible talent. With a fusion of genres, powerful vocals, and stunning visuals, fans can expect to be blown away by the singer's performance. The wait is almost over, and the world is ready to see what Rihanna has in store for her Super Bowl performance.

Watch Rihanna’s full Apple Music press conference in the video below. The Super Bowl airs Sunday, Feb. 12 on Fox.

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