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Unlocking Beyoncé's Haircare Legacy: Inside the Launch of Cécred

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter wears many hats. She effortlessly balances her roles as a married mother of three and the greatest living entertainer—two demanding pursuits that are challenging individually and nearly inconceivable when combined. Her manicured nails serve as a focal point around which global interest revolves. A single hip-hop move, a social media post, a mere mention of her brand—any of these can captivate the public's attention in an instant. She embodies mentorship, resilience, and inspiration for women everywhere. Throughout the years, she has launched numerous ventures, including House of Deréon, Parkwood Entertainment, BeyGOOD, and IVY PARK.

Beyonce's CÉCRED Hair Care Line

Photo Cred: RetailBoss

Her latest endeavor has been brewing since her youth, but it gained tangible momentum around 2018. Stemming from her family's deep-rooted focus on hair care, it revolves around the concept of self-care as a ritual. She offered a glimpse into the project in May 2023 via Instagram, sparking speculation among fans about the contents of the bottles and pumps displayed before her. However, details remained scarce until now.

"Hair has always played a significant role in our lives," says Ms. Tina Knowles. "Just as fashion sustained our family, hair became our livelihood." During Beyoncé's formative years, Ms. Tina operated her own salon as a hairstylist. She views her career in cosmetology as a continuation of a tradition deeply ingrained in Black culture. "In the Black community, from time immemorial, hairdressing has been a path to financial stability," she explains. "I passed this wisdom on to my children, just as my mother did to me. It's our legacy, and witnessing this full-circle moment is truly remarkable."

Beyoncé and Her Mother Ms.Tina

Photo Cred: WWD

The brand, named Cécred—a fusion of the singer's name and her profound respect for hair—pays homage to the centuries-old significance of hair as a symbol of power for individuals and institutions alike. It's often regarded as distinct from the body, more akin to one's inner essence. Recognizing hair's unique role in life and culture, and fueled by a longstanding passion for its well-being, Beyoncé curated an eight-piece collection set to launch on February 20 on Cé The lineup includes a clarifying shampoo, scalp scrub, hydrating shampoo, moisturizing deep conditioner, reconstructing treatment mask, moisture-sealing lotion, nourishing hair oil, fermented rice and rose ritual treatment, and a "shaking vessel" for blending the ritual treatment. Together, these products strengthen, smooth, and rejuvenate hair, aiding in its recovery from damage. The entire line is made possible by a custom technology: a patent-pending bioactive keratin ferment, naturally infused with honey.

Beautiful black woman washing her hair

Photo Cred: Fashionista

Destiny’s Child achieved their first Billboard Hot 100 success with “Bills, Bills, Bills,” whose music video was set in a hair salon—an homage to the environment that shaped Beyoncé and a testament to her enduring fascination with hair. More recently, her "Formation" music video featured a scene shot in a beauty supply store. However, Beyoncé isn't the first in her family to delve into hair products; her mother also experimented with creating her own formulas. "I became a mixologist," Ms. Tina recalls. "At that time, there weren't products that combined advanced hair care with the nourishing ingredients vital for textured or color-treated hair, so I blended them myself. I disproved the notion that Black women couldn't color and perm their hair simultaneously. Now, Cécred incorporates cutting-edge science with time-honored rituals passed down through generations."

Beyonce's Mother, Ms.Tina doing beautiful black woman's hair

Photo Cred: Allure

Ms. Tina's roots trace back to Louisiana, a fact Beyoncé proudly acknowledges. As Beyoncé's grandmother, Agnéz Deréon, made her mark, another pioneering entrepreneur from Louisiana was making history: Madam C.J. Walker, renowned as the first self-made female millionaire. In the wake of Reconstruction and the onset of Jim Crow, Black Americans faced social and economic barriers, including limited access to hair care resources. Walker, after overcoming her own hair challenges, formulated her own hair care products, leveraging well-known ingredients to establish her namesake business. Her impact on hair and scalp treatments endures, resonating with those who recognize her genuine commitment to community uplift. Over a century later, another ambitious talent from the South is sharing her own haircare wisdom.

Byeonce's Hair Care Line Cécred

Photo Cred: People

"My mother would say, 'Put some grease in your hair because it looks dry,'" Ms. Tina reminisces about the advice she received in her upbringing. "This meant oiling and moisturizing the hair. All the tips my mother passed down, like using olive oil, honey, and egg whites for protein, were beneficial for our hair and even for a good old-fashioned press."

Beyonce at Her Cécred Launch Party

The launch of Cécred signifies not only an ambitious business venture but also a rightful inheritance for Beyoncé. It represents the culmination of her efforts. Now, as the founder and chairwoman of her own hair care brand, she stands on the shoulders of the women who loved her before her birth, determined to honor their legacy at every step. Every aspect of the line has been meticulously crafted, reflecting her belief that this endeavor transcends personal success. As she shares with ESSENCE, she eagerly awaits the convergence of the past and the future.

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